Success stories of Mr. Rajiv Singh

Mr. Rajiv Singh is a well-known restaurant consultant possessing 12+ years of experience in restaurant and food business working for setting up multiple outlets, arranging take away to fine dine restaurants to pubs and lounges, manpower procurement, and recruitment consultant.

It was somewhere around in the November of 2012, when Rajiv, studying at Whistling Woods International, decided along with his friends to throw his friend Keyur a surprise birthday party. Keyur is a strong follower of Jainism, and Jainism has always been known for not consuming root vegetables, such as onion and garlic. Hence, Rajiv knew it in his bones that taking Keyur out for a group meal was not an option, let alone deciding the menu for a group luncheon. Back then, Rajiv was yet to find his knack for cooking as he and his friends did not know anything about cooking. So, for the party, they ended up deciding to find and hire a chef who would be an expert in Jain meal.

With the help of his friends, Rajiv approached a plethora of restaurants; however, the challenges associated with finding the perfect Jain-specialty chef were not getting any easier. One day, as the foodie in Rajiv sat indulging on the food in the dining areas of Renaissance, Powai, he was instantly fascinated by the chef’s menu, recipe, cooking skills, and taste. He immediately met with the chef who, to Rajiv’s relief, turned out to have substantial knowledge of Jain food. The chef gladly agreed to cook for the birthday party, and both Rajiv and the chef shook hands on the deal.

For the birthday, Keyur’s parents from Ahmedabad were invited by Rajiv and his friends to bless the occasion. Everyone had gala time feasting on the delicious food, while praising Rajiv’s management skills. At the end of the day, the chef stepped out of the kitchen with a cheque of Rs. 18,000/- and handed over the same to college-going Rajiv. Because no one had expected to receive a five-digit figure on the bill, their jaws were dropped. Nevertheless, Keyur’s father stepped in and saved the day.

In January 2013, the students passed out of Whistling Woods International, and in February 2013, the friends came to know the news of Keyur getting engaged. Now presented the mandatory occasion of a bachelor party!

“We need a chef,” Rajiv thought again to himself.

This time the scenario was different. Now, Rajiv needed a chef who was again expert in Jain cuisine, provided great quality and quantity, and charged affordable fees. While looking for a perfect chef who fit the frame, Rajiv understood the gaps in the restaurant industry. He learned that in the food and beverage industry and market, variety of chefs, including personal chefs, were in tremendous demand. However, there was a no availability of any kind of platform to connect chefs and cooks with their target audience, clientele, and customers. It took Rajiv a lot of time, efforts, and analysis to find out a perfect chef for the bachelor party and to come up with an idea of connecting clients and chefs for catering and party orders via an online website. Cookfinder was Rajiv’s first venture into the world of restaurant business and catering industry. Rajiv soon received inquiries from a hostel about procuring kitchen utensils and cooks. He managed to successfully deliver an order for 50 guests in the hostel.

Shortly after this order, Rajiv at Cookfinder started receiving inquiries for finding permanent cooks and chefs. He started to connect experienced and newbie chefs and cooks with clients, such as restaurants, hotels, and franchisee, based on their demand. Rajiv also came across a lot of aspiring restaurant and franchise owners who wished to enter the hotel and restaurant industry but did not possess any knowledge as to how and where to get started. This aspect encouraged Rajiv to establish restaurant consultation services for those willing to setup or expand their restaurant and/or franchisee business. Soon, restaurant owners started approaching Rajiv at Cookfinder for franchise-selling business opportunities. Cookfinder, through its franchise-selling opportunities, has till now turned multiple restaurants into a franchise model and ultimately, into popular brand names.

Established in 2013, Rajiv started Cookfinder for providing people an online platform to book cooks, waiters, dishwashers, cleaners, and complete catering Service for their day-to-day needs. Cookfinder is now known to be a one-stop solution for all cooking and catering needs. Through Cookfinder, Rajiv and his team of experts provide convenience to people in terms of all their restaurant and chef-related problems. Through his vision and aim, Rajiv successfully turned Cookfinder into the best one-stop solution for restaurant-associated inquiries, kitchen staff recruitment-related demands, and franchise-related worries.

After establishing his very own brand Cookfinder, Rajiv did not just stop there. He soon entered the world of Bollywood through chef industry. He provided personal chefs on demand to two of the big names of Bollywood, namely Kangana Ranaut and John Abraham. After studying BCA Diploma in animation, Rajiv now has 12+ years of experience in restaurant and food industry and public relations. This epic foodie aims to streamline the cooking industry. Till now, Rajiv has worked with 4000+ restaurants and works as a consultant for setting up cloud kitchen, take away services, fine-dine restaurants, pubs, and bars.

Rajiv Singh is now a proud owner of gastronomical pub in Mumbai and Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, where food is prepared with taste, innovation, and creativity. He is a key member of AAHAR, which is international food and hospitality flagship fair conducted with an aim of improvising regular food standards in India.