Cookfinder, a Vinayak Web Solution venture, is India’s leading hospitality and cook recruitment agency and consultancy for restaurants business. Right from chefs for hotels, chefs for café, and cooks/chefs for restaurants, we proffer trained manpower in terms of national and international cook placement and also provides the best cooks for celebrities, cooks for parliament members, and cooks for minister members. Along with franchise selling business opportunities, our team of experts assists clients in converting their model into a franchise. Over the years, this chef recruiting agency has established a wide database of over 1 lac+ chefs and cooks for hire and generated a plethora of career opportunities for chefs.

Our franchise services encompass best fast food franchises as well as café franchise, juice bar franchise, pizza franchise, lounge and pub franchise and many more. This national and international cook placement agency is also renowned for its cloud kitchen consultancy services. Our consultancy for restaurants services guide you from end-to-end, including the support required to locate a prime location, establish a restaurant/franchise, how to get FSSAI, how to get a bar license, how to market and promote the business, etc.

The Story !

The story of Cookfinder dates long back to November 2012 when Rajiv and his friends, studying at Whistling Woods International, decided to throw their friend Keyur a surprise birthday party. Keyur is Jain, and Jainism is known for not consuming root vegetables; thus, it was clear that taking Keyur out for a group meal was not an option. Because Rajiv and his friends did not know cooking, it was only feasible to find a cook who would cook a perfect Jain meal.

The group approached a variety of restaurants; however, finding the perfect cook was challenging. Finally, the group met with a chef working at Renaissance, Powai. The chef agreed and prepared a delicious meal for Keyur’s birthday. Keyur’s parents were also invited from Ahmedabad for the occasion. Everyone had a lovely time until the chef handed over a bill of Rs. 18,000 at the end of the feast to these college-going boys. Since no one had expected to see a five-digit figure for a college birthday party, Keyur’s father saved the day financially.

In January 2013, the students passed out of Whistling Woods International, and in February 2013, news of Keyur’s engagement spread among the group. Now came the mandatory occasion of a bachelor party! “We need a chef,” Rajiv thought again.

While looking for a perfect chef who probably wouldn’t charge a huge fee, Rajiv realized the gap in restaurant industry. There was tremendous demand for variety of chefs, including personal chefs, in the market. However, there was no proper platform to connect chefs and cooks with their target audience. This is when Rajiv came up with a website for catering and party orders. One day, Rajiv received a call from a hostel enquiring about kitchen utensils and cooks. This was Cookfinder’s first venture into the world of catering business. Rajiv received an order of 50 guests in a hostels.

Soon, he started receiving enquiries for permanent cook and chef recruitment. Rajiv came across a lot of restaurant owners who wanted to enter the restaurant industry but did not know how to get started or how to open a new restaurant. This encouraged Rajiv to establish chef/cook recruitment agency and a consultancy for restaurants for those willing to setup a restaurant business. Soon, restaurant owners approached Cookfinder for franchise-selling business opportunity and restaurant consultancy services. Along with recruiting cooks for café, cooks for restaurants, Cookfinder, through its franchise-selling opportunities, has till now turned multiple restaurants into best fast food franchises and ultimately into popular brand names. That is how Cookfinder evolved to be the best one-stop solution for restaurant-, kitchen staff recruitment-, and franchise-related worries.

The Next Step !

" We envision to provide a great learning opportunity for all aspiring, enthusiastic, and career-driven cooks and chefs through Cookfinder School of Culinary Arts (CFSC)."

"CFSC is a state-of-the-art culinary institute where extensive training is provided to help cooking aspirants to enhance their culinary skills and knowledge and learn more about cooking industry from highly qualified professionals with years of experience in the culinary and hospitality industry."

“As a leading chef recruiting agency and consultancy for restaurants, we more than care about a chef’s career as well as clients’ necessities. We have been brining chefs and clients together through honesty, integrity, and a lot of experience.”

Cookfinder is always here to help you with solution for your hotel, restaurant, cafe, industrial kitchen, large professional college with kitchen, company in house kitchen, chef for celebrity parties, and staff for your kitchen and cafe.