International Placements

For chefs and cooks, exploring and learning about international cuisines is surely thrilling, but working as a chef in foreign countries is even more thrilling.

But is it really a piece of cake ?

Working in international culinary industry requires thorough research employment statistics, listing out jobs, application procedure, visa requirements, preparing legal documents, etc. Entire process is tedious and lot more demanding that it seems, but this is where Cookfinder comes into picture !

With over 10 years of experience in culinary industry, Cookfinder is not only confined to India. Our existence is well-rooted in Asia (including Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Doha, Kuwait, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Bangkok, and Japan), Australia, Africa, America, Canada, Russia, London, Paris, Netherlands, and some parts of Central Europe.

Cookfinder serves as a reliable recruitment agency for chefs and cooks looking to work abroad. When Indian chefs and cooks fly abroad, it is crucial for them to have a smooth transition between two different cultures. We provide you with multiple domains to consult for troubleshooting. More often than not, culinary industry in abroad requires experienced professionals. After being hired, candidates may find it challenging to stand up to international expectations. At Cookfinder, we provide you with training and career counseling to chefs and cooks as per the requirements of clients and cultures to better understand job prospects.

Considering our huge database of clients, you can now fast-forward the process and save time. Our team of experts can well negotiate your payroll package according to your experience, qualification, and expertise.

Chefs and cooks can approach us anytime in case of any potential conflict or issues faced in their work environment. We look into the matter, providing immediate unbiased solution and end-to-end support. Different countries have different visa requirements. Nevertheless, we take care of all your visa applications and related legal work procedures, making the whole process hassle-free for you.

Right from applying for the job to scheduling interviews and right from flying off and settling in the foreign country, we stay by your side all the time!